Three Common Types of Vehicle Dents

Paintless dent repair PDR is also known as paintless dent removal.

Even the smallest of dents and dings can cause a vehicle to lose value. Resale or trade-ins drop when an automobile has multiple dings. Any damage that exposes the metal of a car or truck can eventually lead to rust. Here are three examples of how autos often end up with ding and some advice about reducing the risk of damage.

Dents in Doors

Anyone working in an auto body shop will have experience repairing door dents. The damage occurs as people open their doors too wide and hits something near them or people open their doors into them. Shopping carts are another frequent culprit.

Try to park away from other vehicles and clusters of abandoned shopping carts. Push any nearby carts into the corrals in the parking lot or bring them to the front of the store when entering. Pay attention to the obstacles outside the door when getting out. Have children wait to exit the van and open the door for them.

Damage from Debris

Road debris includes items picked up by the tires of other cars and flung into a car, kicked up by the force of the tires of automobiles on the road, and debris from dump trucks. Stay back from other traffic and watch the streets to avoid any residue. Drive slowly on unpaved surfaces. Choose another route if the usual path has road construction taking place.

Back Bumper Dents

After visiting an auto body repair shop in Greensboro, NC, drivers need to do what they can to prevent a recurrence of the damage. Best practice to avoid accidents, you try to use your backup camera in the SUVs if you have them. Also, watch the side mirrors for hazards. Choose parking spots that allow the car to pull ahead rather than reversing. Move items from the path instead of trying to squeeze in beside them. Keep driveways clear of all things, including bikes and garbage cans. Do not assume others will see them or remember they are there.

Try to have a repair completed as soon as possible after a dent appears. It costs much less to get PDR Paintless dent removal than body repair and repaint a car after rust starts to develop. The best practice is to keep a car, truck, or SUV 100% dent-free will repay itself in resale value and appearance.

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